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BerandaTentang KamiKontak


2019-04-01 02:30:44 BVE5 Train Simulator Kereta

The Keikyu 800 is a dedicated car that was completed on December 26, 1978, and started commercial operation on the following day.
I think that you can enjoy the image while driving this series with many features such as four-sheet door, central one headlight, and distributed cooling.
This data has been verified with Bve trainsim 5.6 and 5.7.

Space (S)
ATS confirmation

Home (B1)
ATS return

End (B2)
Contact buzzer

D0 (L)
Instrument light

Kreator: Sakaguchi, Mr. Yunicon, Mr. Suzuharu, Mr. BVE Workshop, Mr. Rock_On, Mr. compound motor, Mr. Nana Kuroshette


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